Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Settling in.

Sorry for the extended gap between posts! It's going to take me a little to get used to this blogging thing. I want to keep everyone informed but I still procrastinate with writing. (: 

 Anyway, Saturday was a busy day of travel. Said sad, but temporary, goodbyes early, EARLY Saturday morning before flying to Charlotte, NC. My wonderful aunt & uncle who arranged my flight & happen to live in Charlotte made sure I had a decent layover so I could spend some time with them! It was a nice visit, full of sweet & encouraging talks and a filling breakfast. Then came the four hour flight to the island, most of which I slept, praise God. Customs & baggage claim were SO MUCH EASIER than I expected! I was so relieved, God is so good! 

Sunday was another early morning for church at CCF, where Brandon is the pastor. The rest of the day was pretty relaxing, then we got ready for Bible study at the house. This study, led by Brandon & Wendi, is primarily Ross students. They're finishing up a study on Godly relationships/marriage.  Mondays & Tuesdays are a lot like weekends for Brandon & Wendi, since their actual weekends are so crazy. Monday night we ate delicious home-made ribs with Shannon & Trish, Luke's parents (Luke & his wife Jamie, Wendi's sister, also live here with Brandon & Wendi. They'll be returning to the states on March 4.) Tuesday was a sweet lazy day, during which I attempted to make cupcakes (that's another story) and we enjoyed a movie night. 

Back porch view.

Hanging out with Audri!

Today is Wednesday, which means Bible study at 7:30. I am so excited for it, since its widely directed towards new believers and Kittitians! We all woke up this morning & went on a hike, which of course included a beautiful view. Everything here is a breathtaking sight.. I'm told I'll get used to it but we'll see. (: 

Jamie, me, Wendi, and Audri. It was pretty cloudy.

Thank you all for your prayers and support. The Lord has met me here & I know I am EXACTLY where He wants me to be; there is no greater peace. Please keep continuing to pray for joy & strength on the days when I miss home, and that opportunities would arise and I would find a niche here. I am so blessed to see His plan unfold in such big ways and to be a part of it. 

Happy Wednesday! I miss you Wednesday night youth groupers.. I'll be praying for you when 6:45 rolls around. 

God bless! 

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  1. So good to hear! There is nothing like that peace in knowing that you are where God wants you. I'm glad you are blogging! :)