Thursday, February 7, 2013

The REAL first post.

Two days! In 48 hours I'll be on a flight from Charlotte to St. Kitts, the final stretch of travel after saying bye to my friends & family at 5 in the morning & getting to hang out with my lovely aunt & uncle in NC. Then comes the hardcore praying that all goes smoothly getting through customs - please join me in that! 

These last couple of days have been a huge blessing, full of prayer, fellowship, & encouragement. My peers, family, youth group, and mentors have all been amazing support! As seen in the previous (Brett's) blog post, the youth group lifted me up in prayer last night - what a sweet time! I love them tremendously. 

My cool youth pastor & youth pastor's wife, who have done so much for me! Jordan demanded to be a part of this blog post. But I like them both anyway, so it's okay.

Last minute shopping for Brandon with Brett, Zane, and Jordan! We rewarded ourselves with "gourmet" lollipops.

Thanks for your thoughts & prayers! 
- Maddie

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